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Meet The Team


Our professional staff is comprised of highly-qualified individuals with numerous local, state and federal certifications in various fields pertaining to law and law enforcement.

On staff we have a former Criminal Investigator for the County Attorneys office, with experience in multiple fields including, but not limited to Child Protective Services, Family Violence, and Bond Forfeiture. Our investigator has worked in conjunction with the FBI, Border Patrol, U.S. Attorneys Office, and the El Paso Sheriff's Department, as well as many other law enforcement agencies.

Our investigators hold certifications in Statement and Neuro Analysis Graphology, Finger Print Identification, Forged and Questioned Documents, and many other expertise.

lj office .jpg
Investigator Consultant, Chief LPI

Expert in Forgery and Questioned Documents, Latent Print Examiner, Degree in Business Administration, United States Marine Corps, El Paso County Criminal Investigator.  Experience: Juvenile investigator, Gang task force, theft by check, Illegal dumping, family violence, to name a few of the fields experienced in. Has conducted investigations from the simplest misdemeanors to capitol murder cases, state, federal, and some International level cases. 

Investigator & Forensic Specialist LPI

Expert in criminal and forensic investigations, surveillance technology, administrative and probate cases. Has held positions at various government agencies including the DEA,Texas CPS, and the Police Department.

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Investigator Research Analyst, LPI​


Experienced Research Analyst with a degree in Criminal Justice. Collects information and analyzes data from various database systems, and presents her findings to the investigators. She processes legal documentation and reports that support the investigations in both criminal and civil cases. She assists the Chief Investigator with administrative tasks, which include preparing files, organizing records, and handling intake of clients. 

Investigator Surveillance Specialist, LPI

Licensed investigator with a degree in Business Management & Marketing. He has experience in technical and mobile surveillance. He also has conducted many forensic investigations and interviews with multiple witnesses and references.


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Investigator Surveillance Specialist, LPI

Experienced licensed investigator. United States Marine Corps, Retired El Paso County Sheriff Deputy, Expert in Polygraph Examination, to name a few of the fields experienced in. Multiple interviews with witnesses, references and clients. 

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