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Professional Services

Our team of experts is ready to assist in any way needed. We bring plenty to the table including: our investigators, detectives, lawyers, documentation, and experience to run circles around the rest. Hiring a professional means we will thoroughly conduct any type of investigation without delay and surpass any expectations. We can help acquire the evidence needed to win your case. Hire a professional and put your mind at ease.

Investigation & Surveillance Services
  • Video Surveillance

  • Investigation & Surveillance for Divorce & Child Custody Cases 

  • Potential and Current Employee

  • Background Checks

  • Spousal Surveillance 

  • Worker's Compensation Claim 

  • Liability Claims 

  • Asset Search

  • Cellular Phone Records Retrieval

  • Motor Vehicle/RV/Boat Registration Search

  • Judgments/Lawsuits/Bankruptcy Filings

  • Driving Histories

  • Household Residents

Latent Compairison

LJ & Associates' experience in fingerprint examination can provide accurate identification of individuals for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Accusatory cases

  • Defensive cases

  • Employment

​A set of prints can be compared and used to implicate or exonerate a suspect, or simply confirm the identity of a prospective employee.​

LJ & Associates will provide an accurate and professional report upon examination of any set of prints, and will provide testimony as needed regarding the outcome of our fingerprint comparisons.

Personal Location & Skip Tracing

LJ & Associates offers person location services to serve your business or personal needs.  We have the ability to locate:

  • Witnesses

  • Respondents

  • Petitioners

  • Loved Ones

  • Friends

  • Parents with delinquent Child Support payments

​As well as many others.  Upon location of the specified person, we will provide you with the most recent address of the individual's residence or place of employment.

Insurance Claims Investigations & Insurance Fraud Services
  • Investigate claims and determine if claimant is faking or exaggerating injuries

  • Investigate forms of income (ex. unreported income or undisclosed jobs)

  • Determine if a claimant has filed multiple claims and whether they have any other identities

  • Investigate claimant's activities

  • Check on current health status of claimant

Process Services

LJ & Associates will file and serve any and all of the following cases:


  • Petitions

  • Temporary Restraining Orders

  • Citations

  • Civil Suits

  • Subpoenas

  • Modifications

  • Verification of Employment

LJ & Associates will provide professional and promp service to all clients.  We are more than willing to pick up, file, serve and return process of all your legal documents.

Employee Screening

Numerous companies have lost revenue and goods by way of untrustworthy employees who have handled merchandise, currency and equipment.  Do not let this happen to you!

We provide this service for potential employees, as well as current employees, and will provide you accurate and professional data that could save your business.

Handwriting Compairision


LJ & Associates utilizes interpretation of verbal and non-verbal behavioral patterns, as well as the written word, to gain information for the purpose of obtaining truth. Just as we use fingerprints to physically identify a suspect, handwriting analysis can provide unmistakable clues in detecting criminal tendencies. Both fingerprints and Neuro-graphics (behavioral patterns) are unique to their owners. Handwriting analysis observes the following characteristics of an individual's handwriting in order to determine behavioral patterns and tendencies:

  • Slant

  • Pressure & Speed

  • Script Size and Formation

  • Form Level (which reveals intelligence)

  • Margins

  • Spacing

  • Capital Letters

  • Lowercase Letters

  • The Capital "I" and letter "T" Bar Crossings

  • Loops or Lack Thereof

  • Punctuation Marks

  • Signatures

  • Numerals

This type of service can provide you with a unique and professional analysis of a person's aptitude or tendencies towards deception, guild, paranoia, schizophrenia, confusion of interests, pathological lying and emotional depth.


LJ & Associates will soon offer polygraph examinations. You will be provided with hard copies and/or electronic copies of the examination.

Please call our office for more information. 

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