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Our professional staff is comprised of highly-qualified individuals with numerous local, state and federal certifications in various fields pertaining to law and law enforcement. We can professionally conduct any type of investigation. Because of our experience with legal trials, we get the evidence necessary to win your case. LJ & Associates provides both the expertise and diligence that the courts expect.

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Custody Disputes

We can help you find and document facts that can protect your children's best interest, and in some cases allow your marital dispute to be settled without the need for a long, drawn-out trial. We use state of the art surveillance equipment and proven techniques to get you the evidence to win your case.

Infidelity Concerns

Is something making you suspicious? Arguments out of nowhere? Distance between you and a loved one? Put the doubts to rest. Find out for certain. You deserve to know and we can help.

Professional  & Legal Services

LJ & Associates offers a variety services for all of your investigative needs from process serving, records retrieval to handwriting analysis and fingerprint examination. We are ready to assist you with all your investigative needs.  

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Investigative Services

Our team of private investigators will assist you and your attorney with your case. We provide professional services in surveillance, investigations of civil, probate, family, state and federal criminal cases.